Daily Archive: Saturday, April 29, 2017

Technical Support for BlackBerry Users

In the world of communication, mobile phones play a great role.  It has become a prime need of everyone and nobody can survive without mobile device. Mobile industries have also reached great heights. Earlier mobile phones were not much featured but nowadays with growing demand of users, several companies are bringing new Smartphone’s in the

Removing Weeds in an Environment Friendly Manner

Unnecessary plants and flowers also known as weeds can ruin the beauty of any place including the water bodies. It also leads to environmental problems and such water can cause several diseases. Hence it is important to clear out the extra weeds before they become a problem. Here are some of the methods for the

A president’s education: ‘I thought it would be easier’

On Day 100, President Donald Trump is not the same as he was on Day 1; even he admits he has learned a lot, and lost something, too. WASHINGTON — Health care is complicated. China can be a useful ally. NATO isn’t obsolete. Being president is hard. During his 100 days in office, President Donald