Daily Archive: Friday, June 2, 2017

Quebec constitutional talks risk opening Pandora’s box: Chris Hall – Politics

Philippe Couillard no doubt has his reasons for reopening the long-dormant constitutional debate in this country right now. But the Quebec premier doesn’t seem to have bothered taking into account how his plans will go over in the rest of Canada.  Couillard’s government is kick-starting a cross-country dialogue aimed at cementing Quebec’s place within Canada and, if

The World’s Largest Airplane is Finally Unveiled

By Nick Mafi. Photo by: Getty Images. Plans for the Stratolaunch airplane, a a dual-fuselage, 28-wheel behemoth that measures more than 385 feet from wingtip to wingtip, had been in the works since 2011. Finally, at an event in Mojave, California, the world’s largest airplane was wheeled out of its hangar for the first time.