Daily Archive: Friday, August 4, 2017

Veronica Coombes wins third gold medal at Canada Games – New Brunswick

Veronica Coombes says she feels wonderful after winning her third gold medal at the Canada Games in Friday’s 200-metre wheelchair race. “A huge accomplishment for myself,” she told CBC News on Friday afternoon in an interview from the Canada Games. Coombes won the first golds for New Brunswick on Thursday in the 400-metre and 1,500-metre wheelchair

Mexico’s Deadliest Town. Mexico’s Deadliest Year.

Photo Tecomán is part of what was once one of the safest states in Mexico. Now bodies are a commonplace sight. Credit Rodrigo Cruz for The New York Times TECOMÁN, Mexico — He slumped in a shabby white chair, his neck unnaturally twisted to the right. A cellphone rested inches away, as if he had