Frank prank dogs Corner Brook mayor running for re-election – Newfoundland & Labrador

Corner Brook mayoral candidate (and incumbent) Charles Pender wants to be the winner in the upcoming municipal election.

In the meantime, he’s putting up with a lot of wieners — stuck in his election signs and on his car.

Pender says the trouble started the morning after nomination day; someone cut holes in his signs and stuck wieners in his mouth.

“A resident called me and said, ‘Your sign’s been vandalized,'” he told CBC News on Monday.

“When I went and looked at one, by the time I got there I had some calls from other people that all four — which were in four very different areas of the city, you had to go out and find them, but they all had been done the same way.”

‘Nothing better to do with their time’

To be frank, Pender said he isn’t sure what it meant — “I have no idea. I guess somebody thought they were funny and had nothing better to do with their…

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