I walked more than 460 miles to cure my crippling anxiety

Courtesy of Torre DeRoche

Torre DeRoche, 37, had always lived in dread, fearing everything from random sinkholes to global catastrophe.

Then a series of terrible things actually did happen: DeRoche’s father died of metastasized colon cancer in 2014, and her longtime boyfriend broke up with her at the height of her grief — just months after she published a memoir of the couple’s happy relationship.

The devastating experiences only deepened her anxiety.

“I was in a crisis and looking for something to believe in — hoping for some kind of serendipity to pull me out of it,” DeRoche tells The Post.

As chronicled in her new memoir, “The Worrier’s Guide to the End of the World” (Seal Press; out now), DeRoche took a trip to Italy that summer to clear her mind and cautiously consider her next move.

It was there she found the serendipity she yearned for — thanks to…

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