Kathleen Wynne to testify in bribery trial of key Liberal adviser – Toronto

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne testifies today in the bribery trial of one of her closest aides and another Liberal organizer, an event that makes political history in the province and could have an impact on the election next June.   

The opposition parties are calling it “unprecedented” for a sitting premier to be called as a witness in a political corruption case, and no historians are jumping in to say they’re wrong.  

While Wynne is not on trial in the case being heard in Sudbury, Ont., the political stakes for her are high. 

“She is going to have to be careful, she is going to have to try to be calm and try to be above it all, and if she can to make sure any evidence is deflected far away from her,” said political scientist Jon Pammett of Carleton University, in an interview with CBC News.  

“These allegations of bribery go to the heart and the highest…

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