Life’s direction discovered in research lab – Orange County Register

By Heather Lynch

I’ll begin with a secret: I never imagined myself as a researcher. Like many young women, I had dreams of being surrounded by horses and becoming a veterinarian. Life had other plans for me, and at one point in my undergraduate career, I found myself feeling rather despondent and directionless — the only career option I had ever considered suddenly out of the question. That semester, I happened to sign up for an upper-division cell biology course. This one small decision, made as an afterthought, would end up changing my life.

The teacher of this course, Veronica Jimenez, assistant professor of biological science, announced in class one day that she was looking for undergraduate research assistants. I told myself that I might as well give it a try, considering I had no better idea as to where my future should lead. After a series of interviews, she agreed to let…

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