This is the moment when marriages start to crumble

In the new romantic comedy “I Do … Until I Don’t,” three struggling couples are trailed by a cynical documentary filmmaker who believes lifelong marriage is bunk. Instead, she thinks couples should sign “commitment contracts” that are good for just seven years — with an option to renew.

This modern riff on the seven-year itch, a notion that became pop-culture legend with the 1955 Marilyn Monroe movie of the same name, is the latest silver-screen suggestion that relationships tend to crack a few years before hitting the decade mark.

But according to research — and to New Yorkers who dished to The Post — that itch to escape a suffocating long-term commitment isn’t just Hollywood fiction.

Steve, a Manhattan resident who works in IT and asked that his last name not be used for personal and professional reasons, says his marriage hit the skids just as his…

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